- Sold to December 2014

No more lost luggage. No more outrageous airline baggage fees. No more waiting in crowded airport check in lines. No more fighting your way through chaotic baggage claim areas! We've created the world's first international luggage delivery service that actually costs less than what the airlines charge travelers to lug their own bags to and from the airport. While we might be more expensive sometimes, we are the people's luggage delivery service and we ship luggage 365 days a year in over 235 countries worldwide. From families, to business travelers, sport enthusiasts, and college students going on study abroad, we pick up and delivery their belongings ahead of time so they can travel without the baggage.

We offer daily storage and shipping solutions for students at any college or university in the United States. Our all-inclusive packages are the most popular part and easiest way students can use us for reliable and convenient storage pricing. We've even created a great professional moving kit that can be shipped right to a student's school address. We also offer per box and item pricing per school around the country. We are flexible with our service options and can meet any student or family budget looking for summer or study abroad storage options.

We've finally created the definitive ship to school move-in service for any student attending college around the world. We offer daily shipping solutions for students, ranging from box shipping or luggage shipping. We've also created a conveneient professional moving kit that we send right to a student's home door for fast and easy packing. We pick up and deliver to their school (over 2,151 nationwide) and provide an array of move-in day service options for students and their families. We are very cost effective with our economy services and we are super convenient with our white glove service options.


Heading to school, getting ready for summer break, or going home for the weekend? Don't worry, we've got your stuff covered 24/7/365.


Everyone from students to adults can benefit from our easy to use and inexpensive flexible storage solutions--all inclusive or per box.


Fact: Everyone has baggage. We can help! Let us free up your next travel plans by taking your bags for you. We absolutely love sending luggage.


Need a box or an entire house shipped? No problem. That's what we do. We help students to families move their belongings around the world.