Running quietly behind the scenes and powering the service offerings of BoxMyDorm, Ship2School, and LugLess resides our proprietary “Lifestyle Logistics Network.” We have developed and grown this network over the past few years which now includes over 450 MadTravelers Agents to date.

This network is what facilitates the pickup, storage, shipping, and delivery of our customers’ belongings – across town or across the globe. While our brands are specialized and designed to simply address the particular needs of each customer, all orders are carried out and fulfilled using our Lifestyle Logistics Network.

Move-Out Solutions - Student Storage & Shipping:

Students moving out of their Residence Hall (or off campus) for summer break or a study abroad session benefit from BoxMyDorm. We offer storage and shipping services to students with convenient pick up options any time of the year.

Move-In Solutions - Student Shipping:

Students heading to school for the first time and even seasoned upperclassman benefit from Ship2School for all of their home-to-school delivery needs. Ship2School offers daily pickup from the student’s home and can deliver to their school on any day they choose.

Luggage Solutions - Worldwide Luggage Delivery:

LugLess is our domestic and international luggage delivery service offering daily delivery service in over 235 countries around the world. It is the only luggage delivery service to offer automated customs clearance services with every international shipping order. We service business travelers, sport enthusiasts, families, and college students traveling for any reason - including for study abroad.


Heading to school, getting ready for summer break, or going home for the weekend? Don't worry, we've got your stuff covered 24/7/365.


Everyone from students to adults can benefit from our easy to use and inexpensive flexible storage solutions--all inclusive or per box.


Fact: Everyone has baggage. We can help! Let us free up your next travel plans by taking your bags for you. We absolutely love sending luggage.


Need a box or an entire house shipped? No problem. That's what we do. We help students to families move their belongings around the world.